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When looking to enter a ‘Master of Business Administration’ (MBA) or a ‘Doctorate of Business Administration’ program (DBA) all candidate students confront the same problems and ask the same questions: Which school? Which program? Why and How? Looking for the “right” school can be a difficult and stressful endeavor. Yet, it doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be.

Educational consultants advise students to select graduate programs based on the student's individual needs.

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Candidates interested to join the Weller accredited MBA November 2011 session are invited to contact us or coordinatorMBA@weller.fr

Students Testimonials

The Weller MBA program was more than beneficial.  I learned a lot through the different courses and I feel more confident to enter the job market thanks to the knowledge I acquired.  Audrey Bonnet, Weller MBA 

II chose the Weller MBA because I was looking for a career booster. The opportunity to meet professionals
with a real experience in a working environment was really rewarding. It was a real challenge with a lot to
learn. The diploma in itself is a label that opens many doors. I think this MBA gave me the maturity to
position myself on the labor market more efficiently.
  Philippe Caïus, Weller MBA

The great thing about Weller MBA is the varied curriculum. It covers the latest topics.  There was a good mix in the student body—their experiences and academic backgrounds are diverse.  Teachers were excellent.  Generally speaking, I gained a lot from the program and it will be extremely useful to boost my career.  Ameer Syed, Weller MBA

Thank you for your education program. I really think that this program was very good and gave us a general vision of the business work environment. Cedric Goulamhoussen, ISEG SUP, AMP-MBA

What I liked from the beginning was the flexibility of the program, and how easy it was to integrate myself with the curriculum and the students. There is an atmosphere in class, where we are working in our different groups that make me think we are being prepared to work well in the real world. There is an openness to discuss what interests us, what we feel we need to understand. There is no wall between the professors and the students. On the one hand I know I have added to my knowledge of finance, on the other, I look at our little community in class, and I’ve found these different cultures and worlds condensed and brought together. Adel Benflis, ISM MBA

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