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U.S. and European Accreditation Services

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Design and management of higher education programs (BBA, MBA, ieMBA and DBA) as well as European and American accreditation process, memberships and management (AACSB, ACBSP, IACBE, ECBE and EFMD...)

2013 International Fashion Academy (IFA), Paris, France Studying ACBSP accreditation opportunitiesfor international MBA programs.  Teaching MBA courses in Paris in Consumer Psychology and Strategic Marketing.

August-September 2011: Bharath University - Chennai, India

Dr. Pierre X. Camps will be designing specific programs at the MBA level for Bharath University.

New:  Since 2010: a Crisis Communication Management module.

The Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM), Zona Norte Campuses, Mexico, enriched their graduate programs with Marketing Communication & Media Studies, Marketing & Sales, Advertising Strategis condensed semester courses in Autumn 2008, 2009 and 2011 and in Winter 2009, 2010 & 2011. 





Tec de Monterrey, Chihuahua Campus, MarcCom Conference

IILM Institute for Higher Education, New Delhi is improving and developing a postgraduate ieMBA program using GMC Education 2008 newest model.

GMC Education, in partnership with WIBS Paris and Delma Consulting for  Higher Eduaction, is designing its newest model for an MBA program and an ieMBA program in Cairo, Egypt.

GMC Education for WIBS Paris is considered for an ieMBA program in Accra, Ghana using its newest model.

IILM Institute for Higher Education, New Delhi held an Advertising and Sales Promotion in July/August 2008 for PGP postgraduate students.


IILM Institute for Higher Education

Inaugural Session of IILM's PGP 2008-2010 Batch

GMC Education has designed and is working on the implementation of Corporate IEMBA programs in Beijing, China.

WIBS Paris has developed itself internationally and increased its product offering to students around the world.  Thanks to GMC Education, it is now recognized by international accreditation organizations, including accreditation bodies from Europe and America.

Parsons Paris held a Marketing BBA Semester Course and launched in January 2007 its first Advertising BBA Semester Course with GMC Education.

ISM MBA and ISM External Programs, designed and managed by GMC Education, obtained  international recognition.  GMC Education participated to the accreditation of the ISM MBA Programs after creating the Total Quality Management program ISM Evolution which contributed to provide quality teaching for executives and young professionals.

On the behalf of ISM, GMC Education designed and managed the Fifth Year ISEG SUP MBA Program, in France and U.S.A. at the Saint John's University in New York.

GMC Education, on the behalf of ISM, designed the ISG MBA Program (Institut Supérieur de Gestion), which realizes its international ambition.

The Université de Wanillo, (Benin) enriched its MBA program with GMC Education.


MBA, EMBA and DBA Programs for Academic Institutions

Accredtited MBA, EMBA and DBA Programs are using their full expertise and worldwide network of professionals in designing a successful program. Seminars are taught by high level English speaking international faculty with doctorate degrees who are recognized experts in their respective fields. The faculty is carefully selected from among the finest consultants and visiting professors in their specialties worldwide and come from leading international universities. 

All seminars as well as the rest of the academic process from mandatory readings to the dissertation are in English. Candidates work through case studies in attempt to link theory to the functioning of modern day businesses with a special emphasis on ethical subjects.

We manage all financial aspect of the programs. In the context of our accredited programs we develop and represent our clients to local and international stakeholders and particularly international accreditation institutions in Europe and the

Our GMC Education coworkers and external consultants have advanced degrees and the expertise to successfully manage the mission. In the MBA, EMBA and DBA design department the Dean of respective programs has significant international experience in business education in Europe and U.S.A. He received an IeMBA, DBA and PhD degrees from an American business school. In order to respond faster and better to the newest trends in higher education he carefully benchmarks business trends throughout his own network and attends various seminars and conferences offered by international accreditation institutions.

Corporate Custom Programs

Custom Executive MBA programs are fully adapted to participants' and company needs. It meets the criteria of the US and European accreditation bodies. The program's structure corresponds with full-time employment. Participants are exclusively employees of the sponsoring organization.

The EMBA degree will be delivered in partnership with one of GMC academic Sister Institutions.

Custom executive programs are designed to address a particular need within an organization. They are fully personalized, designed, and managed in close collaboration with the company and oriented toward building skills. Courses are delivered on-ground at corporate locations.

Custom executive programs:

• Marketing Management
• Accounting & Finance
• International Management
• Information Technology for Managers
• Information Systems Management
• Intercultural Management

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