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The mission of Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is to prepare young professionals who will be leaders in their organizations and their entrepreneurial endeavors through highly interactive seminars, Business Site Visits and multicultural cases, for an optimum practice in professional issues. It aims to build managers who will have a broad comprehension of the business context, a solid understanding of business fundamentals and an international outlook.

The MBA program's cores Curriculum covers every basic skill needed by today’s international management: Management, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, etc.

MBA candidates do not require professional experience or specific prior practice in all areas covered. Subjects are introduced progressively in order to be accessible to students from varying academic backgrounds and to provide them with the tools they will use throughout the remainder of the program.

Our MBA program allows students either to engage in part-time professional activities or to attend a full-time program.

Candidates interested to join the Weller accredited MBA November 2011 session are invited to contact us or coordinatorMBA@weller.fr


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