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The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program corresponds to a conventional Ph.D program, however it focuses on the application of business theory rather than pure research and teaching applications. The DBA is recognized by international business and management institutions as the most suitable post-MBA (or equivalent post-Master degree) way to combining academic studies on management and business with additional personal and professional development. The main goal of the DBA Program is to allow business and academic professionals, or consultants, to build upon the core skills and knowledge gained through their master’s degree program.

The DBA core Curriculum covers every skill needed by today’s international management: Management, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, etc, and is fully adapted to each participant's needs.

DBA programs are designed as a part time commitment, allowing participants to remain active in their professions. The programs are completed by a dissertation with the research subject related to the business world. The dissertation comprises a comprehensive thesis-style research project undertaken by each student on an individual basis under the close direction of an individual academic supervisor.


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