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Faculty recruitement, management and evaluation is a key part of our mission. We manage about 50 international professors and about 100 seminars yearly.

Our faculty’s composition is essential to the success of our program offerings. Their qualification is individually and precisely monitored. (If a professor does not meet all requirements but presents a highly interesting profile and/or knowledge, he is extensively interviewed by the program director.) They is the key to creating and delivering high quality degree programs. Each faculty member assumes primary responsibility for the relevance of what is taught and the means by which it is delivered to program participants.

We use our international network of professionals to design successful graduate programs. All our programs are taught by professionals who are recognized experts in their respective fields. They are rigorously selected from among the best consultants and professors in their specialties worldwide. When not conducting seminars they teach in the most prestigious international universities or manage their own consultancies.

Our goal is to hire a maximum of professors who operate their own consultant business or are senior executives in important companies. They need relevant experience in the field of their competencies. Only 10% of our faculty are professional teachers, who do not have significant consultancy experience. 90% of our professors are Doctorate of Business Administration and Ph.D. candidates and alumni. Faculty planning is linked with each program specific strategy, taking into consideration that seminars should be oriented toward practical and applicable aspects of each topic and be based on real business experience field and academic knowledge. However, theory and principles should play only a supporting role. Class dynamics should contain discussion which invites students to share their knowledge with the rest of the group without losing the original focus and structure.

We systematically monitor curriculum delivery to make sure that its design is implemented; routinely coordinate interdisciplinary course content to ensure that materials from different disciplines are coherently presented. We regularly evaluate student achievement, including learning outcomes, placement results, and alumni surveys; assess teaching effectiveness through student evaluations; and increasingly monitor resource usage such as the online libraries, and computer facilities.

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