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An interview from Patricia Mayorga, journalist, El Heraldo Chihuahua, Mexico, September 27th, 2008


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Created in 1999, GMC Education is a powerful network of consultants and professors, equipped with theoretically solid backgrounds and experience in the fields of trade, finance, marketing and management who are leaders in their professions.

Spotlight on Pierre-Xavier Camps, founder of GMC Education

In 1989, you created and directed Immergence SA, an international network of consultants in marketing. Why did you switch to the area of higher education with the creation of GMC Education?

This change of direction is related to my personal path. I resumed my studies at the end of the Nineties in order to obtain an International Executive MBA. I continued my studies and acquired  a Doctorate in Business Administration at ISM Paris and the Saint John’s University, New York, in order to update my knowledge in management. This immersion paid  off because I not only obtained  the doctorate diploma, I created GMC Education to revamp the educational program of this international school.


It is rather paradoxical that an autodidact like you decided to join the ranks of  higher education. What do you say?

On the contrary, a self made man has  a place in the field of business education.. Admittedly, I had many professional successes well before obtaining my MBA ; in the USA, I assisted in the development of a gourmet department of foods and wines from France for a prominent department store chain, Bullock's.  In France I worked with Galeries Lafayette and in Central Europe with Cofinoga. Nevertheless, when the opportunity arose, I immediately took the route of the higher education. To follow the evolutions of the professsion that impassions me was my desire and my need. It is always necessary to adapt to  the market.


What are the assets of GMC Education in teaching  marketing and management which is a very competative educational sector?

As independent consultants in marketing and  brand strategy for the past 20 years servicing institutions and large accounts, we have a pragmatic approach of teaching these subjects. We establish and maintain a strong identity for each of our customers. Our focused knowledge of the trade and policies of the international market constitutes the backbone of our educational programs. GMC Education is a Corporate Member of ECBE and is working with international accreditation authorities: AACSB, ACBSP, IACBE, ECBE...


What is the future of your consulting activity in higher education?

The European context is very favorable to us: business education, in France and Europe is undergoing a big transformation. Since the Bologna conference in 1999, European directives are striving towards the homogenization of education (mobility of the students and teachers, standardized criteria of notation, increase in the intercultural exchanges and partnerships...) and make compulsory an intelligent continuous formation within companies. Being a recognized leader in this market, GMC Education has gained an international visibility; and I envision  our company extending its activities overseas.


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