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2013 International Fashion Academy (IFA), Paris, France, Studying ACBSP accreditation opportunities for international MBA programs.  Teaching MBA courses in Paris in Consumer Psychology and Strategic Marketing.

Ms. Djamila Deddiki, Coordinator, Professor Pierre Camps, Mr. Jean-Marc Chauve, Executive Director

Other International Business Schools

Design and management of higher education programs (BBA, MBA, ieMBA and DBA) as well as European and American accreditation process, memberships and management (AACSB, ACBSP, IACBE, ECBE and EFMD...):

August-September 2011! Bharath University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, invites four E.U. Professors for international developpement program. From the left: Prof. Camps - France, Prof. Calvo - Spain, Prof. Sridhar, Dean International Operations - BU., Prof. Rajani, Dean R & D - BU., Prof. Teodorescu - Romania, administrative assistant - BU, and Prof. Buza - Albania.


Welcoming Ceremony at the Bharath Medical School, in Puducherry, Tamil Nadu

The Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico, has enriched its graduate programs with Marketing Communication & Media Studies condensed semester course since September 2008.  In addition, GMC Education is designing a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program based on GMC Education newest generation.

Tec de Monterrey, MBA Program September 2009

Tec de Monterrey, MBA Program, September 2009

IILM Institute for Higher Education, New Delhi is improving and developing a postgraduate ieMBA program using GMC Education 2008 newest model.

GMC Education, in partnership with Weller International Business School (WIBS) and Delma Consulting for Higher Eduation (DCHE), is designing its newest model for an MBA program and an ieMBA program in Cairo, Egypt.

GMC Education for Weller International Business School (WIBS) is considered for an ieMBA program in Accra, Ghana using its newest model.

Tecnologico de Monterrey, Campus Chihuahua, MarkCom conference

IILM Institute for Higher Education, New Delhi held an Advertising and Sales Promotion in July/August 2008 for PGP postgraduate students.


IILM Institute for Higher Education

Inaugural Session of IILM's PGP 2008-2010 Batch

GMC Education has designed and is working on the implementation of Corporate IEMBA programs in Beijing, China.

Weller International Business School has developed itself internationally and increased its product offering to students around the world.  Thanks to GMC Education, it is now recognized by international accreditation organizations, including accreditation bodies from Europe and America.

Parsons Paris held a Marketing BBA Semester Course and launched in January 2007 its first Advertising BBA Semester Course with GMC Education.

ISM MBA and ISM External Programs, designed and managed by GMC Education, obtained  international recognition.  GMC Education participated to the accreditation of the ISM MBA Programs after creating the Total Quality Management program ISM Evolution which contributed to provide quality teaching for executives and young professionals.

On the behalf of ISM, GMC Education designed and managed the Fifth Year ISEG SUP MBA Program, in France and U.S.A. at the Saint John's University in New York.

GMC Education, on the behalf of ISM, designed the ISG MBA Program (Institut Supérieur de Gestion), which realizes its international ambition.

The Université de Wanillo, (Benin) enriched its MBA program with GMC Education.

Institutional customers and large accounts

Strategic planning, creative recommendations, qualitative and quantitative studies, including commercial interface and operational marketing with companies and subsidiaries: OTV/CGE became a leader in the field of water depollution. Space International, specializing in export, developed its international networks following the installation of a strategic marketing plan for the sale of its  products. Participated in the launching of Cartavox, a telecommunications company offering.  Successfully established Cofinoga, a consumer credit  organization in Poland.

Creation and direction of advertising campaigns; development of media plans: City of Paris successfully renovated  the popular district of Belleville (19th arondissement). Launched the SNCF destinations “coup de cœur” to Spain, Italy and Germany campaign.  City of Boulogne-Billancourt, second city in the Paris area, improved its municipal newspaper which was subsequently converted into a magazine. WordPerfect, word processing software, gained French users. OTV/CGE, world operator of water services, increased  its popularity throughout Europe.

Public relations, event-driven and shows: Merisel, a principal distributor of data-processing products in North America, accelerated its business development. Histoire de Pains, franchise network of high quality bakeries, revolutionized the trade.

Strategy and direction marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns: the cosmetic group Clarins became the leader in the French market. Drakkar Noir is now the most popular perfume throughout the world. Coq Sportif jumped higher. Chocolates Barry shared its good taste and Georges Rech dressed women like no one else.

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