Our Mission

Our mission consists in analyzing corporate needs, optimizing the school R.O.I, designing proposals and coordinating development schemes with partnering business schools, institutions and international faculty.  We include in all proposals: programs content, faculty, pedagogical methods, budgets, promotion.

All key positions are filled by long term free-lance consultants, with clearly defined roles and performance measures that ensure each position’s contribution to creating and sustaining the firm’s values.

We presently design, organize and fully manage up to five customized graduate programs yearly. Clients are Europeans and American business schools. Students are French professionals and international managers (from Asia, Africans, Europeans, South and North Americans). We are in charge of all financial aspects of the programs. In the context of our accredited programs we develop the curriculum and represent our clients to local and international stakeholders and particularly International accreditation institutions in Europe and the U.S.A.

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